What clients have said – recommendations

We are deeply convinced that the best measure of the quality of the services offered is the portfolio of clients, number of recurring collaborations and additional recommendations.

A large number of our clients have collaborated with us from the very beginning.

Breda Ivanović, HR Manager, PWC

We have been cooperating with Barbara Ruzic for a long time of years and during that time Barbara was well acquainted with the way in which our company operates and all its specifics. Working together, Barbara, my team and I developed an excellent cooperation and built up a great mutual trust. With joint efforts, through years of cooperation, we brought a selection of candidates to a remarkable level. Barbara is very professional, always keeps deadlines and is willing to share her experience. Over the years, following the development of the people we have chosen together, we saw the quality of the selected candidates; the highest recognition we get is through high ratings of the satisfaction process that we get from our Department of Management.

Vesna Kajiš, Head of human resources department, Srce

"The cooperation with Barbara is always motivating and inspiring as she approaches any business project with great energy and enthusiasm. With a professional attitude and individual approach she is always ready to give the maximum and provide support or make a recommendation. "

Dino Dulčić, CEO, Rona Trade

We have been collaborating with Barbara since 2007 and use almost all of her services. She helped us in selecting the best candidates for Rona, in the development and setting of goals and rewards, employee development... I would describe her as: professional, systematic, meticulous, clear and accurate. But I have to especially mention her ability to adapt to our needs. Barbara is a person who actively listens, participates and proposes solutions, sets and implements optimal and realistic plans and encourages us to be even better.

Božidar Abramović, Managing Director, Omnicom Media Grupa

Through intensive mutual cooperation, Barbara has shown characteristics of an extremely qualified and professional person, who does not flinch from the usual obstacles but with all efforts achieves the set goals. Expressed flexibility, understanding the needs of the company and fully adapting the whole system to them, providing feedback on statuses, the perception of the current situation and the necessary adjustments to the project as well as access to work as if it were her own company, I would warmly recommend Barbara to anyone who has seriously accepted the implementation of the system of Performance Management.

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